Contact me

If you're interested in working together you can get in touch with me via text message or WhatsApp using the number below.  I'll then set up an initial chat on the phone.  This conversation has no fee and is without obligation - it's simply to establish the nature of the issue you'd like to work on and work out when we can get together.

07821 327 968

Things I would love to help you with

General Anxiety

Social anxiety

Health anxiety

Workplace anxiety

Stress management

Resilience building

Low self esteem

Overcoming negative thought cycles

Fertility treatment support including during IVF


Attention training 



Panic Attacks



Anger management

Exam stress and anxiety

Public speaking


unfortunately I am not the right person to help you if you are looking for help with

 Suicidal thoughts

Clinical depression

Regression therapy

Memory retrival

I work with clients on a 1 to 1 basis so unfortunately I do not offer sessions as a couple or a group.

What can I help?

Interested in knowing some of the areas I can help you with? 


I've added longer articles about specific aspects of therapy or mental health issues to my blog page if you're looking for further information.


For more frequently asked questions about how I work, have a look through my FAQ page.

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