Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can also be called hypno - CBT and you may find both terms are used interchangedly through my website. Everything I do is evidence based and this means that I only use techniques that have sound clinical evidence as being effective.  This type of therapy is a combination of two of the most powerful psychological therapies: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and evidence based hypnotherapy.  It is an effective therapy to support your mental health and wellbeing and can support you to overcome a variety of problems.   


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy.  CBT is based on the approach that our thoughts, feelings, behaviours are all connected, by changing one we can alter the others.  CBT helps you identify negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving and how to replace them with more helpful ones.  Combine CBT with hypnosis and you have CBH, also know as the hypno-CBT method. Research shows that hypnosis, in combination with CBT, can be more effective than CBT alone for many conditions.  The CBH approach I use also means therapy is completely designed around you and I take a  strong focus on teaching you skills and strategies to take away from the therapy session and apply to a whole range of situations and benefit your life as a whole.

Cognitive behavioural therapy


Hypnosis is simply focused attention on an idea.  During hypnotherapy you use your imagination in a way that feels similar to daydreaming meaning it is incredibly simple but very powerful.  During hypnosis I’ll use positive suggestions or ideas help you guide your imagination, evoke positive emotions and mentally rehearse or explore new ways of thinking/behaving.  It is a very safe, you’ll only be able to take on suggestions you are comfortable with and you can stop at any time.  Hypnosis is proven to be effective at helping with many issues, particularly useful for managing anxiety or stress, controlling pain, sleep problems, and conquering bad habits.  I would definitely encourage everyone to give hypnotherapy a try, but if you're feeling unsure about it then all the therapy I do can also be undertaken without hypnosis too.  I have lots more information about hypnotherapy, CBT and general therapy on my blog page so if you're interested in learning more please have a read!

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I've also added longer articles about specific aspects of therapy or mental health issues to my blog page if you're looking for further information.

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