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Fertility Support

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Going through fertility treatment such as IVF can be both stressful and emotionally draining. Having had a personal IVF experience I'm particularly passionate about supporting people through this difficult and often unpredictable time. I've undertaken specific training in areas such as stress management and resilience building and a specific hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for fertility treatment qualification. Even if you're not at the stage of having fertility treatment but would just like to chat and get some support to manage the stress or pressure you may be feeling about trying to conceive then I'm here for you.  

So how can I help? 

  • By becoming an integral part of your support system. I can help you feel better about yourself and cope more effectively though this experience which can sometimes feel isolating. 

  • By teaching you strategies to relax, and no I don’t just mean physically but mentally too. 

  • By helping you transform your thought patterns. 

  • By providing you with a safe space, free from judgement to express your emotions. 

  • By supporting you to find ways you can reclaim some control in what can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. 

  • By helping you sleep better 

  • By helping you manage your relationship with your partner and other people around you. 


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