online hypnotherapy or face-to-face hypnotherapy

Did you know that hypnotherapy can be just as effective online as it is in person?  

You’ll have the same quality of therapy with me whether it’s online or in person although some people find they have a personal preference for one over the other. When it comes to your therapy both options have their pros and cons so there is no right or wrong.  I’m always happy to work in whatever way you prefer, and some clients even choose a mix of face-to-face appointments and Zoom appointments.  Whether you’re exploring therapy for the first time or you’ve been in therapy for some time, it might be useful for you to consider the differences between online therapy and in-person therapy. Below I’ve outlined a few considerations so that you can make an informed decision to support your mental health and wellbeing. 

Online Hypnotherapy or in person hypnotherapy

Benefits of online hypnotherapy

One of the most significant advantages of online therapy is its accessibility wherever you are in the country or even the world. Provided you have a stable internet connection, you can have therapy sessions from anywhere you want. Hypnotherapy in particular is incredibly relaxing and some clients love that they can be sat in the comfort of their own home, snuggled up in their slippers for a session. Because there are no travel commitments some people find online sessions easier to slot into a busy schedule which means you don'thave to worry about missing work or other commitments. 


considerations for online hypnotherapy

You will need a stable internet connection and if you live in an especially rural area, with temperamental access you’ll need to weigh up if it will be effective enough for you to have a useful therapy session. The internet has come a long way since the days of dial up connections from the early nineties/noughties so for most people this isn’t usually a problem. With hypnotherapy even if our online session gets disconnected mid-way due to any technical reasons, you will be able to bring yourself back to the room once you no longer hear my voice, you’re completely safe. You need to have a space you can speak without being distracted. Although you might be able to go to a different part of the house to other family members or house mates it might be worth considering if you’ll be able to completely disengage with any sounds other people may make in other areas of the around you, or if you’ll find them distracting.  

In the end, whether you choose in-person or online therapy is up to you. What matters most that you feel safe and supported, so you can get the help you need to achieve greater wellbeing. You’re always welcome to try either method when working with me and even mix and match what you choose to do depending on your scheduling needs that week. 

Online Hypnotherapy or in person hypnotherapy

Benefits of face-to-face hypnotherapy

One of the biggest benefits of in-person therapy is the opportunity to build a strong personal connection with your therapist and some people prefer to do this face to face. Lots of people find swapping your usual work or home space for a specific therapy environment useful as it helps to “switch-off”, relax and prevents distraction.  In-person therapy space is also a safe and relaxing environment which can help you feel more comfortable and open. Lots of people like having travel time before and after therapy to get to and from the session, an hour therapy session can turn into two hours away from your usual life stresses.Againthis allows time to decompress from work or home stresses and allows time after the therapy session to reflect on the content or continue with the feelings of calmness or relaxation from of the session. I offer face-to-face therapy sessions from my home in Elymeaning you won’thave to spend time looking for a carparking space in the city center either.  

Considerations for face-to-face therapy

One of the main drawbacks of in-person therapy is the amount of time it can take up as you will need to factor in travel time to make your appointment (again, this can be a nice benefit for somepeople, so you see each person’s preference is completely unique!) Think about your schedule and what might work for you best.

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